Just like last year, here are my personal picks for talks to pay attention to this year at the hacker summer camp.

BSidesLV 2018:

An Encyclopedia of Wiretaps
Wendy Knox Everette

The Chrome Crusader
Lily Chalupowski

Who Watches the Watchers?: Understanding the Internet's Background Noise
Curt Barnard

Lessons Learned by the WordPress Security Team
Aaron D Campbell

iOS Runtime Hacking Crash Course
Michael Gianarakis

All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us - Hunting Compromise in Azure
Nate Warfield

Advanced Wireless Attacks Against Enterprise Networks
Gabriel Ryan, Justin Whitehead

Evil Mainframe Hacking Mini
Soldier of FORTRAN

(Sorry DEFCON provided no anchor links this year)

What the Fax!?
Yaniv Balmas, Eyal Itkin

Reverse Engineering Windows Defender's Emulator
Alexei Bulazel

Defending the 2018 Midterm Elections from Foreign Adversaries
Joshua M Franklin, Kevin Franklin

The L0pht Testimony, 20 Years Later (and Other Things You Were Afraid to Ask)
L0pht Heavy Industries, Many More

Slava Makkaveev

One-Click to OWA
William Martin

An Attacker Looks at Docker: Approaching Multi-Container Applications
Wesley McGrew

Fuzzing Malware For Fun & Profit. Applying Coverage-guided Fuzzing to Find and Exploit Bugs in Modern Malware
Maksim Shudrak

Practical & Improved Wifi MitM with Mana

Hacking BLE Bicycle Locks for Fun and a Small Profit
Vincent Tan

Compromising online accounts by cracking voicemail systems
Martin Vigo

Demystifying MS17-010: Reverse Engineering the ETERNAL Exploits