My 2019 Hacker Summer Camp draft picks!

BSidesLV 2019:

BEEMKA / Electron Post-Exploitation When The Land Is Dry

Pavel Tsakalidis

My quest for (privileged) identity to own your domain

Nir Yosha

Profiling User Risk: Borrowing from Business Intelligence to Understand the Security of Your Userbase

Emily Austin

Give the dog a bone - Exploring OSINT capabilities of pen-testing tools

John Brunn

Now that you hacked the plane, what are you going to do about your career?

Chris Roberts

Discovering Your Passion in Cyber Security

Cherie Burgett

Burpsuite Team Server - Collaborative Web Pwnage

Tanner Barnes

Building the badge- How you can make small, cheap and custom hardware for function or fashion

James Dietle

From email address to phone number

Martin Vigo

All that glitters isn't Chrome: Hunting for suspicious browser extensions

Mike Sconzo

Hidden Networks Pivoting: Redefining DNS Rebinding Attack

Nimrod Levy, Nicholas Mosier


Breaking Google Home: Exploit It with SQLite (Magellan)

Wenxiang Qian, YuXiang Li, HuiYu Wu

Intro  to Embedded Hacking—How you too can find a decade old bug in widely  deployed devices.  [REDACTED] Deskphones, a case study.

Philippe Laulheret

Web2Own: Attacking Desktop Apps From Web Security's Perspective

Junyu Zhou, Ce Qin, Jianing Wang

Phreaking Elevators


HackPac: Hacking Pointer Authentication in iOS User Space

Xiaolong Bai, Min (Spark) Zheng

Change the World, cDc Style: Cow tips from the first 35 years

Joseph Menn, Peiter Mudge Zatko, Chris Dildog Rioux, Deth Vegetable, Omega

I Know What You Did Last Summer: 3 Years of Wireless Monitoring at DEF CON

d4rkm4tter (Mike Spicer)

Can You Track Me Now? Why The Phone Companies Are Such A Privacy Disaster

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden


Bill Swearingen

How You Can Buy AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Real-Time Location Data on the Black Market

Joseph Cox

Zero bugs found? Hold my Beer AFL! How To Improve Coverage-Guided Fuzzing and Find New 0days in Tough Targets

Maksim Shudrak

Reverse Engineering 17+ Cars in Less Than 10 Minutes

Brent Stone