BSidesLV 2020 is unfortunately not with us this year. However!, DEF CON has booted into safe mode and is still moving forward, albeit online. As I do every year, here are the talks that I am most interested in this year (in order of going down the tracks).

Discovering Hidden Properties to Attack Node.js ecosystem

Feng Xiao [video]

DNSSECTION: A practical attack on DNSSEC Zone Walking

Hadrien Barral & Rémi Géraud-Stewart [video]

Hacking traffic lights

Wesley Neelen & Rik van Duijn [video]

Spectra - New Wireless Escalation Targets

Jiska Classen & Francesco Gringoli [video]

Fireside Lounge - D0 N0 H4RM: A Healthcare Security Conversation

Panel [video]

How we recovered $XXX,000 in Bitcoin from an encrypted zip file

Michael Stay [video]

Abusing P2P to Hack 3 Million Cameras: Ain't Nobody Got Time for NAT

Paul Marrapese [video]

Lateral Movement and Privilege Escalation in GCP; Compromise any Organization Without Dropping an Implant

Dylan Ayrey & Allison Donovan [video]