I am incredibly honored to be participating in DEFCON's first ever Demo Lab. My submission focuses on tapping fiber optic cables using a method called "Bending". My setup will include the use of:

  • (2) Raspberry Pi 2
  • Fiber Optic Clip-On Coupler
  • (3) Fiber Media Converter
  • SC->SC Duplex MultiMode 62.5/125 Fiber Optic Cable
  • SC->SC Duplex SingleMode 8.3/125 Fiber Optic Cable
  • FC->SC Fiber Optic Coupler

My demo should take about fifteen minutes to set up and fifteen to tear down. That should leave me on display from 12:15pm -> 1:45pm on Saturday, August 8th. I plan on demonstrating how to set up the tap, an explanation of what is going on, how this setup could be easily concealed in a data center, and tentatively, how to access the inner fiber/cladding without having to strip anything.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!