Ahhh, the hacker summer camp approacheth. Like last year, I am providing a list of the tracks that I find to be the most interesting.

BSidesLV 2017:

Hands-on OSINT Crash Course for Hackers
Chris Kubecka

How To Accidentally Get A Job In InfoSec
Johnny Xmas

Banking on Insecurity: The ongoing fairytale of securing financial institutions

Hacking the Law: A Call for Action – Bug Bounties Legal Terms as a Case Study
Amit Elazari

SECSMASH: Using Security Products to own the Enterprise
Kevin Dick & Steven Flores

Everything is Not Awesome: How to Overcome Barriers to Proper Network Segmentation
Jason Beatty

/.git/ing All Your Data
Jesse Kinser

SniffAir – An Open-Source Framework for Wireless Security Assessments
Steven Darracott & Matthew Eidelberg


The call is coming from inside the house! Are you ready for the next evolution in DDoS attacks?
Steinthor Bjarnason & Jason Jones

How we created the first SHA-1 collision and what it means for hash security
Elie Bursztein

From Box to Backdoor: Using Old School Tools and Techniques to Discover Backdoors in Modern Devices
Patrick DeSantis

Secret Tools: Learning about Government Surveillance Software You Can't Ever See
Peyton "Foofus" Engel

MEATPISTOL, A Modular Malware Implant Framework
FuzzyNop (Josh Schwartz) & ceyx (John Cramb)

I Know What You Are by the Smell of Your Wifi
Denton Gentry

CableTap: Wirelessly Tapping Your Home Network
Marc Newlin & Logan Lamb & Chris Grayson

Teaching Old Shellcode New Tricks
Josh Pitts

The Black Art of Wireless Post Exploitation
Gabriel "solstice" Ryan

Phone system testing and other fun tricks
"Snide" Owen