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Hacker Themed Valentine's Day Cards!

No ninja turtle or power ranger cards in here, sorry!
Hacker Themed Valentine's Day Cards!

Every Monday I sit and plan out my week; what I need to do, in what order, etc... As these things go, I ended up on Reddit and came across a post of some custom Valentine's Day cards. This individual made some cards that were unique for the industry they work in, and I thought that was a great idea. I tried to make mine as cheesy as possible to avoid any awkward moments at the office.

Each image below links to the high-resolution version which is best suited for printing. I printed mine out on 80lb card stock and trimmed with an X-Acto paper cutter and they came out great. I am aware the bottom part is black so most pens will not work. I also made a black on white version of each card, to get these add _bw before .png.

Updated: Feb 2021