Links to documentation, photos, and videos relating to my research projects

Fiber Optic Tapping

DEFCON23 Demo Lab | SkyDogCon2015

When you think of someone performing a standard man in the middle attack, what do you picture in your head? A network tap on copper cables? Someone using a WiFi Pineapple? Well what if the data being intercepted is leaving your home or coffee shop? Would you feel safer if your data was inside an optical fiber? You shouldn't. Fiber optics are just as susceptible to tapping as any other method of communication.

Introduction | Mid-Span Fiber Access | Execution | Troubleshooting | Prevention | Presentation Slides | Video

Year of the Data Breach

DragonCon EFForums 2015

Sony, Anthem, Home Depot, and many others. What's up with corporate information security these days? Why are so many companies getting hacked?


Variable Speed Limit Signs Vulnerabilities

BSidesOrlando 2015 Presentation

In the last few years digital speed limit signs have began to pop up in more and more locations. How do they play into the Internet of Things? How do they receive their information? How secure is it? What would stop someone from setting the speed limit to 99 MPH?

Presentation Slides | Video